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Shuei Jin Elastic is a seasoned woven/knitted elastic manufacturer operating in Taiwan. We have devoted our time and efforts to producing shoulder strap, waistband, and foldover used on lingerie and garment for more than 30 years. As the demand for the elastic applied to medical treatment surges in recent years, we upgrade our equipment and start producing elastic webbing for therapeutic use

We realize our customers are the reason we are in business, so we always give priority to their requirements. You could send us your custom products taken from your designs or choose from our standard items. OEM orders are welcome. We are committed to providing you with the best possible price, quality products, and rapid delivery. 

Shuei Jin Elastic is an ideal partner to anyone who is looking for quality and durable elastic at a reasonable price. From the first stitch to the last delivery, our team makes efforts to the success of every program. Give us a chance to fill your next order and allow us to service your needs soon.

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